• RC01NF-16A introducing

    RC01NF-16A introducing

    Detail Product Description MODEL:RC01NF-16A This is French Type of Wireless Remote control Socket with power indicator and children protector , ...
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  • TE01UK-13A introducing

    TE01UK-13A introducing

    This is British type weekly digital timer,MODEL:TE01UK-13A, With Ni-MH rechargeable battery,  it has 16 ON/OFF per day, Min. Setting time is 1minute, and Max. ...
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  • WA05US introducing

    WA05US introducing

    Detail Product Description MODEL: WA05US This is USA Type Wi-Fi Smart Plug With power indicator, it is TUYA frame platform; WiFi module is WB2S/CB2S, Wireless ...
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  • TE01NF-16A introducing

    TE01NF-16A introducing

    This is French Type Weekly digital Timer, model MODEL:TE01NF-16A, it has 16 ON/OFF per day, Min. Setting time: 1minute, Max. Setting time: 7 days , 12/24 hours...
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  • TM01NF introducing

    Detail Product Description MODEL:TM01NF This is French Type 24 hour Mechanical Timer, it has 6 ON/OFF per day, its Min.Setting time is 15 minutes/2 hours, And ...
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  • TM22GE introducing

    TM22GE introducing

    Detail Product Description MODEL:TM22GE This is German Type 24 hour Mechanical Timer, it has 48/24 ON&OFF per day, its Min.Setting timeis 15...
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  • TM22NF introducing

    TM22NF introducing

    Detail Product Description MODEL:TM22NF This is French Type 24 hour Mechanical Timer, it is 48/24 ON&OFF per day, the Min.Setting time is 1...
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  • TM01GE introducing

    TM01GE introducing

    Detail Product Description MODEL:TM01GE This is German type 24 hour Mechanical Timer, it has 48/42 ON&OFF, the min setting time is 15 minutes/2 hours, and ...
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  • TM22UK


    Detail Product Description MODEL:TM22UK This is British Type 24 hour Mechanical Timer, it has 48/24 ON&OFF per day, Min.Setting time is 15/30 minutes, and ...
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  • WA01GE


    Detail Product Description MODEL: WA01GE This is German Type Wi-Fi Smart Plug, it is TUYA frame platform, WiFi module is WB2S/CB2S, and the Wireless type is Wi...
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  • Biostar H61MLV3 Motherboard LAN Driver for Windows – Setup Manual & Drivers Download

    Biostar, a professional R&D manufacturer for Remote Control Sockets, Time switch Sockets, Power meters, Wi-Fi smart sockets and Intelligent Lamps Surge Protection has released the latest version of its Motherboard H61MLV3 LAN Driver. The new driver is designed to support Intel’s execute disab...
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  • WP02NF introducing

    WP02NF introducing

    Detail Product Description MODEL: WP02NF French Type Wi-Fi Smart Plug This french type Wi-Fi smart plug is TUYA frame platform, With ground pin and power indic...
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